1) Cruise & Merchant Vessels

High-end class provisions are requested from Cruise’s passengers.
Lime Maritime(hereinafter referred to as “LM”) supplies high quality provision complying standards like ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 for IMS and holding ISO 22000:2005 certification.
Especially, LM focuses to supply most fresh salads and meat to the port hub where cruises are anchored.
Various certified provisions, such as Halal and Kosher food, can be supplied for religious passengers around world.
Lime Maritime serves all kinds of merchant vessels, such as container vessels, tankers, gas carriers to bulk carriers. LM’s supplies are delivered all over the world with LM’s global network, LM can easily coordinate any kind of delivery to any port.
LM believes high performance of merchant shipping industry comes from crew’s satisfaction.
So, LM procures local foods and bring to vessels a taste of home no matter where vessels are.

2) Offshore Units

Lime Maritime thinks offshore platform (Drilling Rigs, FPSO, Fixed Platform, Wind Power Farm, etc.) works are one of the hardest works on the sea with high risk and tight schedule, so, the people on the units should be cared well and not be stressed with provision things.
LM especially emphasizes the freshness of vegetables so as them to feel their food as “onshore” home-made food.
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